The Vegan Option: Blogs and Extended Interviews

Since September 2011 I was cohost and blogger at the Vegan Option but left fairly recently. Since many of the posts I plan to put on this blog are going to derive from blogs and interviews I did for the Vegan Option, many of the blogs I wrote including a short description as well as all the interview are after the jump. To see all the blogs and shows I produced there just click this link.

Blog Links

This blog reviews an interview I did with Dr. Julia Minson about why nonvegetarians might have judgemental attitudes towards vegetarians and why people might judge those with altruistic motivations generally from an evolutionary perspective.

I debunk the claim made mainly by Neil Barnard that cheese breaks down into opiate agonists creating addiction

I polled 63 people on whether or not they’d eat lab meat. I was especially curious if people would eat lab meat that involved no animal death greater than what is caused by plant food. I also produced the podcast on lab meat.

a viral video of a ladybug “playing” explained by myself and an entomologist friend

I wrote two blogs based on the data that The Vegan Pledge in London sent to me. The Pledge is a month long campaign that introduces interested participants to a vegan diet, food and recipes and hooks them up with a vegan “buddy” who can help them through any hurdles.  The first blog highlighted some major themes in the data from those who participated in the pledge including whether they transitioned to veganism for the month from a vegetarian or other diet and what they felt were the most difficult issues. The second blog, The Pledge Statistics: Do Vegans Thrive in Adversity? investigated the paradoxical phenomenon that those who said they experienced the most adversity were most likely to stick to a vegan diet.

Extended Interviews

Here are links to extended interviews I did for The Vegan Option

  • Interview with David Pearce on Lab meat and whether or not we should make human lab meat

4 thoughts on “The Vegan Option: Blogs and Extended Interviews

  1. Interesting stuff…IF only I had time to read it. I suggest you put a link on volentia or London Vegans? I dont know how you get your word about, maybe you have other ideas…maybe “fat gay vegan” might let you put a link on his site (IF you wanted to) but these are just thoughts as its great to see something like this. I enjoyed reading about you on Ian’s “the vegan option” on line radio show. You do have a great perspective and I look forward to reading your blog in the future! Have an awesome year 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words, Jane (and indeed for leaving the first comment on my blog)! This blog is not going to be exclusively about vegan issues or animal rights, I also plan to write a lot about evolution, biology and psychology. Perhaps when I have a critical mass of posts I will solicit some cross posting from other blogs but at the moment I hope the readership will just develop organically from people who are interested in my perspective.

  3. I’m a huge fan of your work on The Vegan Option! I’m a little heartbroken to hear that you’ll no longer be working on it, although I’m glad that you’ll continue blogging.

    I’m secretly hoping that you’ll work on your own podcast in the future (just because podcasts are convenient for listening at work, etc). In any case, keep up the good work!

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