Recent media appearances June 2013

Just a quick note before I post my followup to the Oyster and Mussels blog.


I never realized before how much I talk with my hands

Last week was a pretty big media week for me. On Sunday, June 2nd I was on BBC1’s “The Big Questions”“Has man’s dominion been good for the planet?”. My major contribution on The Big Questions was meant to address the idea that humans are the “pinnacle” of evolution. I argued that intelligence is a somewhat arbitrary criteria by which to judge superiority and if we were to judge species, say, by their ability to pick up objects with their noses we would instead say elephants were the pinnacle of evolution (and here is me gesturing like I have an elephant nose, for your amusement).

On Tuesday June 4th I was on “Your Call” Radio 5 Live “Should we go vegetarian to save the planet?”. In both these appearances I mostly made an argument that preventing suffering is what is important rather than more abstract (and potentially less effective) actions such as recycling or saving endangered species (more on this in a followup blog). On Radio 5 Live I said that just like environmentalists strive to reduce their carbon footprint we should all be trying to reduce our”suffering footprint” by not consuming animal products. Turns out I had converged on a term used by Matt Ball of Vegan Outreach.

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